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Legalization is a big victory for CBD in some regions of the globe. It is good news for CBD oil consumers. The popularity of CBD oil products has dramatically increased due to some progress in legalization issue. The CBD oil products have become federally legal in United States. The CBD oil-based products are all the fury after signing of 2018 Farm Bill into law which officially removed Hemp-derived CBD from the federal list of controlled substances. It happened recently in the month of December after which the rage started.

Risks in CBD oil products’ use

This doesn’t add to absolute safety of CBD products. The consumers still need a caution to use them. All hemp-derived CBD oil products are not safe because some of them can trigger a positive drug test due to presence of THC’s trace amounts. The risks differ in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. The risks are higher in the former, but least in the latter. It is, therefore, important for consumers of CBD oil, especially those with drug testing concern, to understand the difference before making a buying decision.

Making distinction between the right and wrong

The major problem is that thousands of offline and online stores are selling CBD oil products, but buyers have no knowledge to make distinction between the right and wrong. There are many reputed brands for this product, but it is hard to rely on their products for safe use. Their marketing campaigns are luring, but not reliable because CBD oil selling companies have no transparency in efficiently labeling their products for consumers.

best CBD oil 2019 list

The issue is to buy CBD oil without THC that can fulfil real needs of consumers. The cbd oil for anxiety list is available which can be referred as a buying guide for purchase of right product. You can refer to some trusted website for education, reviews, and recommendations of CBD oils. You can be benefitted from the experience of other users.

Are you pursuing your studies at Sam Houston state university and eagerly waiting for your convocation day to get honored with the degree and the class ring? Then, the first thing you need to do is to choose the best class ring from different styles and designs. Basically, the tradition of class ring was started at this university in the year 2004. Every element of the ring would signify the pride of the university. One side of the sam houston state university class ring, it captures the significance of this university and on the other side it has engraved with the graduation year. sam houston state university class ringThese people use Austin hall, which is the oldest building to host this ceremony. The heart of the ring comprises of SH and a star, which represents the State of Texas. You can see the word honor on the side of the band. This ring is worn by the students of this university to give a statement to the world that they are prepared to take up the challenges that the world throws at them.

With the change in time, the situations also change. Today, you are a senior at a college, but tomorrow you may be a successful person. With the change in your social status, the way you wear the class ring keeps changing. Here are a few etiquettes that you need to follow on how to wear a sam houston state university class ring:sam houston state university class ring

  1. As long as you are a student in a school or college, the insignia should be facing towards you, so that you will be reminded of your goal even after you are honored with the graduation.
  2. After receiving the graduation, the class ring will change as a goodwill and serve like a badge of honor. At this time, you have to change the insignia facing outwards to give a statement to the world about the university that have shaped you as a person you are today.
  3. You can wear this ring as a chain around your neck. Few people like to wear this closer to their hearts
  4. You have to wear this ring on the right finger on your ring hand.

Many valuable elements are embedded in the earth’s crust, but very few are unique due to their exceptional properties. Titanium is an element that can be located in the middle of Periodic Table. This is an amazing element naturally found in the earth’s crust, and exists in metallic form after extraction. titanium pipingTitanium is an expensive material, but its unique properties make it worthful for multiple applications. This metal is best known for as high-strength, low-weight material with high corrosion resistance that make this material more valuable compared to other low-priced metals.

Titanium Grading

Titanium piping is an important way of using this material in equipment making. Titanium can be graded like steel, but this metal has superseded steel in grade-based applications. Titanium, as such, is very efficient for various applications, but its grading makes it more efficient. titanium pipingWhen titanium is used for pipe making, the Grade selection is made by the industry based on industry standards.  There are separate Grades for titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium piping manufacturing considers appropriateness of Grade for a specific type of application. The list of various Grades is available on the websites of titanium equipment making industries. The expert help can also be sought in this regard.

Grades and their relation to titanium properties

It is always necessary to refer the grade classification for titanium piping. This classification is based on possession of certain properties. Grade 1 is used in most industries, but not suitable for every application. You can choose from list of titanium Grades or make selection from the list of titanium alloys Grades for your specific need. Land-based, marine, and chemical processing applications require selection of separate Grade, considering corrosiveness or weight as property that fits in the situation. The industry always takes view of Grades and sometimes hire services of experts to identify suitable Grade so that best use of this expensive metal can be done.

All over the world, there are thousands of Jewish people who need financial assistance to continue with their day to day lives smoothly. In certain regions, especially in the former Soviet Union, the number of elderly impoverished Jewish people is alarmingly high.IFCJ

The program dedicated for the betterment of the Jews:

IFCJ being one of the leading fellowship program dedicated to the Jewish community needed to take some leading role to change the situation. Previously, the fellowship program started by Rabbi Epstein had a partnership with JDC, but recently they together launched a new program to provide aid to elderly Jews with food and medicine.

The Jewish people found in this region of the world, mostly fled from the country to avoid the wrath of Nazi and later never had that financial strength to head back to their homeland. The IFCJ apart from medicine and food aid program also help millions of people with rehabilitation in their home that fled the country during the war. The plan had some positive impact in regions of Africa and the former Soviet Union.

The effect of the aid on people’s life:

The IFCJ also provides financial aid to people from the community so that they can have their shelter and food. The fellowship program dedicatedly served the people of the particular community that millions can claim that they benefited from the program. Though the rehabilitation program drew serious flakes from the political point of view in Israel yet, none can say it was move marred with some ulterior motive.IFCJ

How good is IFCJ?

The program is currently regarded as one of the well run charitable programs. As most of these organizations need to go through audits, the report from the inspection stated that for every dollar a person donates sixty-six cents gets used for charitable purpose which statistically looks outstanding. The report also claimed that the program massively depends on the generous donations from the people as the consolidated fund of the program is not good enough to run the massive program for more than a few days.

Given the rather colorful beginnings for the Texas Christian University, it is hard to associate this University as having once resided among bordellos, saloons, and gambling dens. It had certainly undergone a transformation and is still in the process of evolving further.

tcu class ringToday, it ranks among the top 100 best educational institutions across the US and offers various degree programs with specializations in various fields, from engineering to liberal arts. And today, it stands tall and proud with the Texas horned lizard as its mascot and blue and white, as its colors.

The class ring;

The University awards its students with the unique TCU class ring, provided they meet the required academic qualifications. In other words, incoming students would be required to attend and complete the required undergraduate and graduate credits with a specific GPA. And they must also be in good standing with the University and must not be on any sort of academic probation. And based on this, they are then selected and awarded the TCU class ring, during a specific ceremony. As a student, you would be informed about the same so that you can then invite your friends and loved ones to join you for the ceremony as you are awarded the cherished ring.tcu class ring

The late night breakfast:

Once you become a TCU horned frog, thanks to the TCU class ring, you are one for life. You become part of the University tradition and get to participate in so many of its unique and quixotic traditions. One such tradition happens to be the late night breakfast and though it was designated for TCU horned frogs, all students can take part in the same. It is open to all seniors and consists of late night dancing, followed by late night breakfast of pancakes, waffles, and all you can eat. This is usually held in the market square and is one of the many traditions that bring the whole student community and faculty together.

Yael Eckstein had to take up the responsibility of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews after the death of his father Rabbi Eckstein in Jerusalem. Her father took up Israeli citizenship in the year 2002.Yael Eckstein

He then shifted the operations of his group to Jerusalem. He was not only the founder but also the president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. He used to take care of all works and issues related to IFCJ and gradually developed it into an empire.

He was assisted in his work by his daughter Yael Eckstein who has always been the vice president of the global executive position of the organization. Therefore after he suddenly passed away in Jerusalem his daughter Yael took up all the responsibilities.

Yael Eckstein is not the only daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He had married Bonnie Siegman and from this marriage, they had three children. This marriage, however, ended up in divorce.Yael Eckstein

He then got remarried to Joelle. Therefore after his death, the family is left with his mother, wife Medina and his three daughters, Yael, Talia and Tamar, and eight grandchildren. Yael continued with her father’s work as she was already involved in these things and had a complete knowledge in dealing with things.

The growing graph of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The foundation of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was done in the year 1983 and since then its income has increased drastically every year.

Presently it collects 140 million Dollars in a year from donations done by people from across the world, especially by Christians. The total amount collected to date is 1.6 billion Dollars. The foundation has its headquarters in Jerusalem and other offices in Chicago, Seoul, Toronto, and South Korea.

The organization puts all its push to develop the organization and make it effective. A ton of things should be done so as to assemble an organization. In any case, the principal key to progress is advertising. By the methods for showcasing, the organization can inform the clients concerning their item and the kind of administrations they offer. There are huge amounts of apparatuses accessible now for advertising. One such device is the web. Nearly everybody presently approaches the web making it the best spot for advertising. The organization can without much of a stretch acquaint itself with the world with the correct instruments.

COO of Book of the Month Club

Blake Orlandi is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Book of the Month Club. He is the man behind the achievement of the association. He is the main individual of membership trade. He has been an individual from the association since September 2015. The association itself is extremely old and has been helping organizations since 1926. Be that as it may, the idea of membership web-based business specialist co-op was presented in late 2015. Blake was the driving force behind the thought and took it to an unheard of level.

The job of Blake in the association

The Organization Book of the Month Club comprises of 45 individuals work crosswise over different offices like knowledge, structure, advertising, and items. They are altogether driven by Blake Orlandi. He has an extraordinary administration quality and individuals love to pursue his recommendation. Everybody came to recognize him after he relaunched the brand. He has likewise been the COO of Bookspan, LLC too for very nearly 6 years and a half year. This was the principal purpose behind him being designated as the COO of Book of the Month Club also. He is a man with a dream.

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and after her father died recently; she took over the mission initiated by him. She inherits the billion-dollar charity - International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) headed by her father. It is one of the largest charities that raise about $130 million every year.Yael Eckstein

……And came the clarion call

Yechiel Eckstein died of a heart attack at the age of 67 leaving behind the enormous responsibility to carry on his legacy on Yael’s shoulders.  Rabbi Yechiel had deep trust in Yael’s capabilities, and he knew well that she is the best person to carry out his mission. That’s the reason why Yael was blessed by her father three years ago.

He mentored her through the years that followed and helped develop her decision-making skills. Thus, Yael emerged to be a more responsive and responsible leader.  IFCJ was getting prepared for the retirement of the Rabbi about two years from now, and a year ago Yael Eckstein was selected as the president-elect by the board of directors of the group.

The principal objectives to be attained

 IFCJ's principal focus lay on promoting dialogue and bridge-building between Christians and Jews. They were never into fundraising.  As per Yael, under her leadership also the organisation will keep focussing at bridge-building as the prime activity.Yael Eckstein

Yechiel Eckstein always wanted his daughter to secure a degree in law, but Yael had a different objective to get involved in the fellowship. So, she started working in the Israel office of IFCJ and later on moved to its Chicago office. From there started her actual work as she started talking to the donors on her father’s behalf.

After that, Yael has served in various positions across the organisation and proved her mettle well in handling the different functions of the fellowship. She is working towards taking her father’s goal to get more Jews to get involved in the work of the fellowship and is successful in her endeavour to a great extent.

Yael Ecksteinis a leader in the making and so, let’s leave it on time to prove how she stood up to be the real successor of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

Traveling can be a passion, traveling can be a wish, traveling can be something you live for or traveling can be your sole motive you exist. There are people for whom traveling is bliss but always things cannot be served on a platter, things are not always that easy to get. But a stubborn heart and a strong will definitely get you to the soaring heights. If one path is full of hurdles then we must seek for a bypass instead of ending one’s mission. Similarly there are many options that can take us little closer to our dreams.

Reservations.comBriefs about the site:

If travelling is the sole motive then the main challenge is the planning and sticking to the plan and if any unfavorable situation comes knocking  then one must be that much flexible with planning that an alternative must be available. But for smooth travelling there is an angelic website that deals with travel goals and planning, it is This website is solely designed for people whose lives revolve around travelling. This webpage is built for smooth and easy planning of destination. Reservations.comThe work is literally halved when thins can be handled just with few clicks on web-pages.

Major highlights:

The site deals with personalized travel plans as the traveler wishes to have with easy online booking with a mere phone call. The site takes into account the traveler’s bucketlist and plans it with such efficiency that the traveler can never regret planning their dream destination with this site. The site is known for their customer friendly service where there can never be any room for regret. The web page is designed with collaboration of leading partners which have backed the sponsorships.

They take care of every minute need starting from planning, executing the plan, trips, hotel allotment, day and night travel plans, food, refreshment and many more exciting features.

To be a Chief Operating Officer, all you need is some skills that make you a good manager. If you have to give captainship to a large number of people, you have to maintain leadership mentality and be vigilant in all respects.

The more you require is the versatility in every respect that you have to into. Efficient managerial skills give you enough opportunity to lead such a big company.

Why skills are much important?

The skills are much important when the company looks after a wide range of product management to marketing and operation regarding this.

Blake Orlandi has the skill which makes him fit for the post and leads almost 45 people under him as troops to develop a company which has begun a new.

The Organization Book of the Month ensures to cater to his member's books in the form of hard copy so that can enjoy them and be also a part of the huge network.  What more they can do is that to share their thoughts over the books and also quickly skip id they do not like the same.

Blake Orlandi has the expertise in this field and he is the master of all the operative works that goes in the concern. Thus you have to be efficient and at the same time vibrant in your deals to hold such important positions.

What more qualities does he hold?

He has the quality of taking decisions at the right time and enact accordingly. Blake Orlandi is strategic and is good at analyzing situations and company operations. The more he has paved into higher posts from the previous companies like Bookspan and Evergreen copyrights, his fields of expertise have increased.

Thus what you need is a good managerial skill and a good sense of taking the right decisions to be a man like him.


The 'International Fellowship of Jews and Christians' (IFCJ) is a non-profit organization aimed at improving the condition of Jews across the world. Towards meeting this end, the organization has many types of programs that target different ways in which the lives of poor Jews could be touched and made more satisfactory.

IFCJOne such program of IFCJ is the 'On Wings of Eagles'. It is designed for the poor and needy Jews who live all across the world - in diverse countries like Argentina, the Middle East, India, Russia and many more.

It assists them in immigrating to Israel so that they can start a new life in their biblical country. It is a hopeful program so that the Jewish community can feel proud of themselves and live in a more relaxed manner. Some of the major highlights of the program are as follows.

  • Bringing them back is the primary goal - The primary aim of IFCJ is to bring back the Jews, especially the elderlies and children to their native land so that they can live honorably. In some countries, where Jews are in large numbers, large-scale immigration had to be done. These were known as "freedom flight" in their parlance to highlight the importance of this immigration for them. It is typically known as 'aliyah' in Hebrew and signifies the return of Jews to their Holy Land.
  • IFCJ
  • Living assistance is also provided - IFCJ not only helps in bringing these Jewish migrants back to the country but they also offer 'klitah'. It is a type of resettlement assistance that is provided to these immigrants so that they can become complete members of the Israeli society. All of these funds are procured from the donors of the organization who are spread out throughout the globe in large numbers.

'On Wings of Eagles' has been able to touch many Jewish lives so that they have been able to return to the country of their dreams and live a graceful life.

Powersports business has greatly flourished in the contemporary time because the liking of new generation has changed quite a lot from the preceding generation. Powersports, a subset of the generalized category motorsports, is what most loved by young generation of today. The powersports companies are creating their Partzilla shippingdominance in the global markets through launch of something new for powersports enthusiasts. The fans of this sports are everywhere across the globe, especially in western part, and you can find large number of powersports fans in North America. The emerging favor for powersports has offered upward push to this business, and good profits to powersports companies.

Parts and accessories of powersports

The important aspect of powersports use is the parts and accessories. Hundreds of common parts are frequently demanded for ready delivery. The availability of these parts is one thing, but faster shipping of ready parts is more important for Partzilla shippingpowersports fans. Their shipping demands are met by some shipping facilities such as Partzilla shipping. Partzilla is a reputed name in powersports for online retail vending of ATV, motorcycle, side-by-side and snowmobile parts. Partzilla deals in an array of powersports parts and accessories. Partzilla shipping maintains ready stock of OEM and aftermarket parts, and arrange faster shipping of the ordered items compared to many other shipping giants.

Partzilla for shipping of powersports parts is trusted because it provides customers the best possible prices on the brand's expansive powersports inventory and with the best possible shipping times. When you are powersports lover, you have power to spend on genuine parts and accessories. You can’t wait to buy these parts when you can pay any price. You can get best value of your money by buying OEM and aftermarket parts. Your demand can be met by Partzilla shipping. Don’t waste your time to browse for multiple facilities! Look for Partzilla for convenient, affordable and quicker shipping, the best for your powersports!

While setting out for a certain destination, the prime concern that comes in mind is where to stay? Although online solutions can be quite effective and helpful to an extent to locate the correct destination for stay-cation, at times the online photographs can be divisive. A lot of people thereby face the problem when they search for a particular hotel online and after reaching to the place, find it to be completely opposite. Hence, one must pay complete attention to all the relevant particulars while selecting the absolute hotel before finalizing the perfect one.

Reservations.comHence, in order to find the right one, one needs to go through several options and genuine reviews to draw a comprehensive outcome of the place. Here are some of the major tips that will help one in finding the perfect location to stay on a trip.

Cleaning updates of the site

Discover when both the rooms and open spaces were last refreshed. Explorers regularly put their trust in lodgings to furnish them with a spotless, present day remain, and time and again, that is not the situation. Reservations.comPrior to booking an inn, it is better to look when the entire property was last refreshed. Also, one must keep in mind that the lodging’s photography can lie. Hence, this is something that one must pay attention to and thereby ask the lodging for a genuine catch of the lodging's contributions.

Check the hotel site

It is very much certain that the authentic site of the hotel will most likely would not post any negative comment about the place. Hence, it is better to recheck for the testimonial and original photos and reviews of the hotel to be ascertained about the location. Some hotels such as are quite trustworthy in providing the exact review of the specific site without any discrepancy.

Hence, here some of the major tips that have immense contribution while selecting the ideal hotel to stay.

Many people are interested in taking part in philanthropic activities and equal number of people back off to donate due to unreliable charitable organizations that are run in the market. However, you need to do an extensive research about the best charitable organizations by taking a look over the reviews given by the donors and IFCJ ratings given by the watchdog sites. The best and reliable organization that is catching the eye of many donors is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ ratingsThis organization is building a strong relationship between the Christians and Jews. They are also offering enough support to the Christians who are residing in Israel. The Christians in this country dispense with all the basic items to help them to weed out poverty.

The IFCJ ratings are high in all the watchdog sites, since it is maintaining high transparency in showcasing the financial information to the donors. They are accountable for every penny that is donated by the donors from across the globe to them. The amount that they are spending on everything would be noted. IFCJ ratingsThe IFCJ ratings sites would also check the income statements, financial charts, transparency metrics and compensation of the charities that are doing the same kind of work as this. The ratings of this organization are meeting all the set criteria. The website would have the address and phone number. This is trying to wipe off the history of disagreement with the relationship that is market with respect and cooperation.

This charitable trust is helping Jews to get rid of poverty and the fight against Semitism. This organization is also helping Jews to come back to Israel. There is ample humanitarian assistance that is given to the people in Israel and globally. This is also offering help to the victims who are prone to war and terrorism attacks.

Hotel industry has greatly benefitted from the advent of internet technology. The development of online hotel management softwares and software for online hotel reservations have become popular in the contemporary time. Travelers don’t need to ask their travel agent to make booking room in their preferred hotel. Reservations.comEarlier travelers had no option except to contact their agent for hotel room reservation. The monopoly of travel agents sometimes created trouble for travelers. The travel agents sometimes fail to update the hotel deals and benefits of deal are not passed on to the customers.

About online hotel booking

The dependence of travelers on travel agent is coming to an end with the introduction of online hotel booking system. The new technology allows travelers to interact directly with a hotel using internet platform. Online booking is possible in two different ways, either on hotel’s own website or on hotel booking site, also called hotel booking engine. Reservations.comThis method is same like search engine as you use in everyday life to seek results of various queries. Hotel booking site like is a specific site that provide results for various listed hotels. You can search for worldwide hotel in different categories and of different type. You can make your query based on your special preferences. The engine will fetch results for all hotels that suit your requirements.

Advantages of online hotel booking

Online hotel reservation system is used everywhere and by almost all hotels these days. This is advantageous for both hotel and its customers. It is easy for a traveler to know about some good hotel about which he had no knowledge in the past. The direct booking allows a traveler to know about the features and services offered by various hotels on the same destination. Pictures, images and videos on the hotel booking site provide better idea about the accommodation in the hotel. A traveler can make best judgement to make hotel by this method of booking.

The ownership acquisition of the Book of the Month Club’s story got lot of attention of the media in early 2016. This 93-year-old media company which was relaunched in late 2015 went through a drastic change. Such a long period of existence means that lot of transformation was required from its traditional profile to modern profile. It was an uphill task without which it was hardly possible for this dying company to survive. When Amazon reigned book sellers’ market through online book selling, the situation was jeopardized. The book sellers having hold in the market were struggling hard to survive. The trend of online selling was followed by others like Amazon.

A great idea of Lippmann

The worst scenario of book selling was not going to change book selling situation, but it was John Lippmann, a young entrepreneur, who thought an idea. Lippmann is an opportunist and he didn’t hesitate to accept the offer made to him to acquire sick book club. This book club was a legendary about nine decades old Book of the Month Club of New York, the condition of which was affected by the Amazon’s trend, and was on the verge of extinction. Lippmann’s decision was bold because it was a challenge to refurbish something that has already become obsolete, but John Lippman had a plan of complete makeover, and new design of the Club for millennials.

The effect seen in short term

The new Book of the Month Club reflects the vision of John Lippman, who acquired its parent company, Bookspan, in late 2012 and proceeded to re-establish an innovative business in a different format than its tradition. The new format was meant to create appeal to readers who increasingly buy books online. These were mostly millennials, and people in 20s, 30s, or 40s. Lippmann built new Book of the Month Club that exists only online in 2015. It took only two years after relaunch to reset the business, and the year 2017 was the year of success for both Lippmann and his BOMC.

Do you know that traveling makes your life better and much happier in several aspects?  Many people are much contended with the regular routines of work and home and sometimes even forget that they need a break. They strive continuously hard to make a big investment by building a dream home, buy luxurious cars and lead an extravagant life but still, it would be incomplete and there would be no happiness despite having surplus money.

Reservations.comThey feel depressed and completely isolated from the outside world. Apparently stepping outside of your usual routine is great for both your body and mind. Taking vacations, not only an escape from the normal routines rather it rejuvenates your body as well as mind. With a number of booking sites like, you can make an easy and competent trip either locally or globally.

They take care of all aspects right from making hotel reservations in the best hotels of your choice to rental car bookings with the best high-quality customer service.

Outstanding Benefits of Traveling

Travel sharpens your mind –With years together, you have stuck to the Reservations.comsame routine and your life would have run in the auto-pilot mode however when you go for vacations, you probably need to come out of your regular monotonous life and need to think out of box by learning new languages, meeting new people, getting adjusted to new eating style and follow a different sleeping schedule.

By making changes to your regular schedule, obviously, you will feel the change in yourself and obviously it would be a good positive change.

Rejuvenate your energy – Travels can do wonders to your mental and emotional health. When you spend time in the open air enjoying the natural beauties and breathing fresh air, you can cultivate energy within your body.

When you are directly interacting with the people through Partzilla shipping things can become a little simpler because you would be directly in touch with the dealers themselves who would have been into the sales of OEM parts from a very long time but the same not happen when you are placing an online order of OEM through Partzilla shipping. There are certain steps which you must certainly follow when you are placing an order through online Partzilla shipping.

Partzilla shippingYou must remember to and select the right product because some of the online vendors do not have the exchange policy and if you end up choosing the wrong product you may have to end up paying for the wrong product which would certainly be of no use to you. Hence, checking for the right product is needed when you are planning to place an online order of OEM through Partzilla shipping.

The next step is to fill in the right contact details because if you end up filling incorrect address or provide the dealer with a wrong contact number then the spare parts may end up at a place where it is not supposed to and this can create a lot of confusions because you would have paid the product and the receiver would be someone else.

You must also make sure to be present when the product is arriving else, add a special message if you want the product to be taken back if you aren’t available and not leave it anywhere. This can actually make sure that the product would reach safe in your hands.

Along with all these things, you must make sure to check for your convenient mode of payment too. These are some of the steps to be followed when you are placing an order online for OEM.

International Fellowship of Christians & Jews (IFCJ ratings) is the charitable organization that requests funds from the people globally to promote a good understanding between the Christians and Jews and to give ample support to Israel by sorting out their issues. This organization was established in the year 1983 to give support to the people of Israel. This was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He is working in the capacity of President for the company. IFCJ ratingsThe operations of the organization entrusted to the board of directors who are the leading Jews and Christians. The main objective of this company is to cooperate with each other, oppose whenever required and preach all the time about the Christianity. This organization is completely non-profitable. If you are contributing to this non-profit organization, it is tax deductible as per the law.

IFCJ ratingsFollowing are the key goals of this non-profit charity organization:

  • Impart knowledge to the Christians and Jews by explaining the faith of Jews and their roots to the Christians and the Christianity and their faith to the Jewish community
  • This organization will help Jews to migrate to the Soviet Union and help the poor and the starving Jews who are in this nation with the help of the funds received. This is how they are helping Christians to show their love and support to the people of the Jewish and the people who are residing in Israel.
  • It activates the faith communities in America and promote about the religion liberty forum and this forum will address the prevailing issues.
  • Encourage both the Jews and Christians to share their morals and values with each other while protecting their own beliefs. The religious expression is protected by addressing this goal in public schools.
  • Resolve all the conflicts between the Christians and Jews in an amicable way
  • Strengthen relationships between Christians and Jews to promote biblical objectives to the family, embrace American culture and keep up the faith of the people globally.

It has been a long time to the launch of the Book of the Month Club when it was just a small mail-order business. But when you see today the same company the things are totally changing. John Lippman, an entrepreneur after a lot of ups and downs to the company finally took the initiative to purchase it and bring it to life with new advancements. Instead of a mail-business, it is now a month hardcover subscription service which has now become too much popular and interesting.

Back of the stage story

John Lippmann has given a great contribution in re-inventing Book of the Month Club. He acquired the company in 2012 and made a dream of starting a business which is appealing enough to make the buyers buy books online. For this, he needed to take certain steps and the first step he tool was making the existing members of the Book of the Month Club move to the other Bookspan's Literary Guild club and then he started building his new Book of the Month Club which would have only an online existence.

And after a good social media marketing, he started receiving memberships and orders were solely made online. And today there are various subscription offers like $14.99 for a one-month subscription for five hardcover books and for extra books $9.99.

Satisfied customers

With the changes brought by  the collapsing company of Book of the Month Club saved which was only possible through the response from the customers. They aim towards helping people to have tastes of new books and giving them new choices and options.

With quick ordering online, free-shipping, monthly offers and more the customers are satisfied with the new version of Book of the Month Club. And today it is considered as one of the most influential players among other book industries.