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With the various kinds of diet plans going around on the internet, it is not surprising that a new one named the “3-week diet” was already creating a rave. This diet plan was developed back in 2015 and has very recently gained popularity amidst the masses. The diet program has been specifically designed to aid in easier and faster weight loss. The only thing is to follow the diet just the way it is.

Majority of the people tend to give up on the diets for weight loss mainly when they fail to witness proper results from the same. With this specific 3 week diet in three distinct phases, the results are promised.

What are the phases?

As mentioned before, the diet is distinguished into 3 distinct phases.

  • The very first phase is the primary one and is termed as the detox phase. The person is completely restricted to a few variants of food that helps in flushing the toxins out. Majority of the times, the foods included a rich variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • The second phase of the diet is known as the fasting period. This is one of the hardest parts of the diet plan. In this, the dieter has to strictly undergo a fasting portion for 24 hours consistently. Majority of the time, it is best to advised to start from the end of the day and let it carry on till the day of the day so the majority of the time is spent sleeping.
  • The last phase of the diet is known as the Fat phase. In this specific portion of the diet, the dieters are instinctively asked to include the healthy fats back in their diet to achieve the desired results.

It is often considered as tailored dieting and if you are someone who is willing to stay motivated to achieve the desired results for your weight loss, the 3 week diet reviews definitely swear by it.