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Thousands of elderly Jews who have escaped death during the Holocaust are living their final years in poverty and isolation. Many live solely on meager pensions, making the difficult choice between buying food and other essentials every day in life, like lifesaving medicines, shelter, and heat in the winter months.

IFCJ reviews

the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews helps Holocaust survivors throughout Israel and across the former Soviet Union receive basic necessities needed for their survival .The Fellowship takes the words of the Bible to heart in caring for the Holocaust survivors who are in extreme need

In Israel and the former Soviet Union many of the Jewish children live in poverty. Some have become orphan while the others are homeless. The IFCJ provides them with the basic requirements like food and shelter as called upon them by the Holy Scripture. In Israel over eight hundred thousand children live in poverty. The Guardians of Israel ministry tackles the critical needs of poor and fragile children and orphans in Israel by providing food, medicine, and clothing.

The IFCJ has given assistance touching the lives of millions of Jews not only in Israel but all over the globe by providing life-giving aid to victims of war and terror in Israel and a lot more than that.

IFCJ reviewsSo if one asks if IFCJ is good charity? The answer would most definitely be yes.

The beginning

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) was originated in the year 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

IFCJ ratings

The Charity Navigator provides the IFCJ rating (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) a three star out of five marking a score of 85.68 out of 100 (as of 2018).


The IFCJ reviews the workings of many of its bodies and coordinates their activities to help the poorer sections of Jews in their survival.

There is no definition to the assurance, when it comes to the deplorable conditions of the oppressed groups of the society. IFCJ ratings can be counted as the source of reliability, since you can count on the works and feedback posted by the people in real time. Is IFCJ a good charitySuch bodies are working for the betterment of the society, along with the growth of the country. IFCJ reviews are the clear and transparent source, through which you can easily gage the performance delivered by the responsible organization. In order to make sure, that there stands no chance of the errors in the same direction.

Is IFCJ a good charity, off course the statement is affirmative. Since it is one of the leading names that has successfully captured the hearts of the suffering people in the most significant way. Is IFCJ a good charityBy delivering the maximum possible services and assisting the people, in every possible manner. In addition to which, IFCJ has been working as a stand alone body for ensuring the success of humanity. That has offered a considerable living standard to most of the communities, in the limited time frame. Taking them from the hunger and begging to, meeting the basic requirements of life.

IFCJ rating can be quoted, when you talk about the efforts of the professional and dedicated team of workers associated with the brand. The people who have been working day and night, for the betterment of the communities that have been suffering for a long time. Things have seen the harsh and ruthless reality of the human life, which was changed drastically by the positive efforts contributed by the group of people who didn’t leave any stone unturned. You can understand the complex situations, by the way the jewish people have been suffering and losing all hopes of any support.

An organization is good or a scam can only be detected by the kind of feedback people give about it. The reviews and ratings are the forms of feedback given to an organization. While talking about IFCJ, even though, it is a non – profit making organization yet the same criteria are applicable to know whether it is a genuine IFCJ reviewsorganization or fraud. It is obvious for people to have any questions related to the authenticity of an organization.

The question Is IFCJ a good charity can only be answered after going through the reviews and rating about the organization. Let’s go a bit deep to find out more about this organization.

The IFCJ ratings

The International Fellowship of Christian and Jews is not – for- profit making organization set under section 501 (c) (3). You can find their financial reports on various platforms on the internet. They also report discloses related to the statements and their financial undertakings on their official website. They also IFCJ reviewspublish their audit report on various websites. You can also see the IRS Form 990 that they made recently on their website along with the IFCJ rating.

You can also check out the IFCJ ratings featured on different websites that also includes Guide Star and Charity Navigator.

Organizational Structure of IFCJ

The beliefs of the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews can be seen in their approach. Their belief in transparency can easily be seen in form 990 and in their financial statement.  The IRS form 990 helps the potential donors in determining the functioning and the legitimate nature of the organization.

This form includes financial statements, reports on organizations acquit, compensation given as well as the compliance with different tax structure.  This form is a basis on which a donor can make their decision whether they want to make a donation or not. As a prospective donor, you can also look for IFCJ reviews for better understanding.

With the rise in the number of charities around the world it is often asked that is IFCJ a good charity? So today IFCJ reviews has presented the various contributions of IFCJ since it has been established. The International Federation of Christians and Jews has changed the lives of a number of people from the faiths of Christianity and Jewish.IFCJ reviews

The changes brought about by IFCJ ratings can be best reflected by highlighting the people whose lives changed thanks to the various programs and initiatives of this organization. Some of these people are as follows:

  • The soldiers and their families

Due to the horror stricken past of the country, it has a huge fleet of soldiers who have dedicated the prime of their lives to serve and protect the country. And as a gesture of appreciation and goodwill, IFCJ rating has launched the program of Guardians of Israel. This particular program is focused on providing the necessary help and guidance to its soldiers and their families.

  • Survivors of the Holocaust

The Holocaust is one of the darkest periods of history and as its victims live on, the International Federation of Christians and Jews is doing their part for them. Most of its surviving victims are now spending their remaining years in abject poverty and isolation. Hence, the programs of Guardians of Israel and Isaiah 58 have reached out to such victims. They are trying to ensure that the victims are provided the basic resources to lead a better life.IFCJ reviews

  • Orphans and war torn families

In the countries of Israel and the Soviet Union there is a growing population of orphans as well as families destroyed by war. Thanks to the initiative of Isaiah 58, there has been a significant upheaval in their conditions. The program aims at orphans, children and their families and providing them a better future at all cost.

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Origination of organization

            IFCJ is the organization which was started by Rabbi Yechiel Epstein. He was the founder of the charitable organization with the main intention of building bridge between the Christians and the Jews. The organization has headquarters in Jerusalem and Chicago. IFCJ reviews The IFCJ reviews explain that the organization can offer great services as it is handled by the independent board of directors, Christians and Jewish.

What does Charity Navigator say?

            The charity navigator gave IFCJ ratings as a three star rating with the score of 85.68 out of 100 in 2018. This means that it is not fake and not a scam. The activities make the IFCJ rating at a higher scale. The Fellowship focuses mainly on the “on wings of eagles” program. It is the program which mainly focuses on the assistance for Jews in making the immigration in Israel easy. They accept immigrants in Israel from Europe, Ethiopia, Soviet Union, Arab lands and many other countries form the world. It also helps them with the resettlement.IFCJ reviews

            Is IFCJ a good charity? This is what keeps on revolving in minds of number of people. Well, it is definitely a good charity. The purpose of the organization makes it worth your donations. It helps the guardians of Israel. The organization provides the basic necessities to the needy Israelis and supports them in number of projects such as the soup kitchens. They also help by providing the needy with clothing, food and much other basic assistance. They also offer the medicinal assistance which is distributed while considering the long terms needs such as jobs, family care and housing. This shows that your donation will be worth as the money donated by you will be useful to the needy people and the elderly people.