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Given the rather colorful beginnings for the Texas Christian University, it is hard to associate this University as having once resided among bordellos, saloons, and gambling dens. It had certainly undergone a transformation and is still in the process of evolving further.

tcu class ringToday, it ranks among the top 100 best educational institutions across the US and offers various degree programs with specializations in various fields, from engineering to liberal arts. And today, it stands tall and proud with the Texas horned lizard as its mascot and blue and white, as its colors.

The class ring;

The University awards its students with the unique TCU class ring, provided they meet the required academic qualifications. In other words, incoming students would be required to attend and complete the required undergraduate and graduate credits with a specific GPA. And they must also be in good standing with the University and must not be on any sort of academic probation. And based on this, they are then selected and awarded the TCU class ring, during a specific ceremony. As a student, you would be informed about the same so that you can then invite your friends and loved ones to join you for the ceremony as you are awarded the cherished ring.tcu class ring

The late night breakfast:

Once you become a TCU horned frog, thanks to the TCU class ring, you are one for life. You become part of the University tradition and get to participate in so many of its unique and quixotic traditions. One such tradition happens to be the late night breakfast and though it was designated for TCU horned frogs, all students can take part in the same. It is open to all seniors and consists of late night dancing, followed by late night breakfast of pancakes, waffles, and all you can eat. This is usually held in the market square and is one of the many traditions that bring the whole student community and faculty together.