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All over the world, there are thousands of Jewish people who need financial assistance to continue with their day to day lives smoothly. In certain regions, especially in the former Soviet Union, the number of elderly impoverished Jewish people is alarmingly high.IFCJ

The program dedicated for the betterment of the Jews:

IFCJ being one of the leading fellowship program dedicated to the Jewish community needed to take some leading role to change the situation. Previously, the fellowship program started by Rabbi Epstein had a partnership with JDC, but recently they together launched a new program to provide aid to elderly Jews with food and medicine.

The Jewish people found in this region of the world, mostly fled from the country to avoid the wrath of Nazi and later never had that financial strength to head back to their homeland. The IFCJ apart from medicine and food aid program also help millions of people with rehabilitation in their home that fled the country during the war. The plan had some positive impact in regions of Africa and the former Soviet Union.

The effect of the aid on people’s life:

The IFCJ also provides financial aid to people from the community so that they can have their shelter and food. The fellowship program dedicatedly served the people of the particular community that millions can claim that they benefited from the program. Though the rehabilitation program drew serious flakes from the political point of view in Israel yet, none can say it was move marred with some ulterior motive.IFCJ

How good is IFCJ?

The program is currently regarded as one of the well run charitable programs. As most of these organizations need to go through audits, the report from the inspection stated that for every dollar a person donates sixty-six cents gets used for charitable purpose which statistically looks outstanding. The report also claimed that the program massively depends on the generous donations from the people as the consolidated fund of the program is not good enough to run the massive program for more than a few days.