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An Engineer to a CEO: Roberto Casula’s Journey

A closer look at the journey of Roberto Casula reveals his vision and how he acted upon it to achieve his dream and goal in his life.

Motivation behind his hard work

Roberto CasulaBorn in a technically sound family, he was exposed to the world of engineers early in his life. The exposure along with his inner urge towards solving complex problems to overcome technical glitches regarding energy related matters pushed him to decide what he wants to become in future.

How did he start his journey?

Roberto Casula graduated in mining engineering from University of Cagliari and among a lot of offers, decided to join Eni as a reservoir engineer. Eni worked out perfectly according to his plan as he always wanted to work overseas. And within only a few years of joining Eni, he was shifted to West Africa. There was no stopping him thereafter. He kept climbing the ladder to make his career and travelled across cities – Milan, the Middle East are only to name a few.

Roberto Casula never wanted to set boundaries for himself. He wanted to travel,Roberto Casula meet different people, experience different cultures and serve people all over the world. He wanted to work by adopting different strategies used by people across the world to overcome both technical and non-technical glitches happening all over. This was the main reason which drove him towards the decision of choosing Eni over other job opportunities he had after he graduated.

What is Roberto’s motto in life?

No human has ever become successful just by working hard. Success demands vision, motto and honesty. Roberto believes in all above principles and these are major factors contributing to him becoming successful at an early age. He believes that gratitude has an immense potential and a simple “thank you” can motivate and inspire people beyond imagination to push their boundaries to achieve the unachievable.