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An Intellectual and Amazing Personality: John Lippmann

It has been a long time to the launch of the Book of the Month Club when it was just a small mail-order business. But when you see today the same company the things are totally changing. John Lippman, an entrepreneur after a lot of ups and downs to the company finally took the initiative to purchase it and bring it to life with new advancements. Instead of a mail-business, it is now a month hardcover subscription service which has now become too much popular and interesting.

Back of the stage story

John Lippmann has given a great contribution in re-inventing Book of the Month Club. He acquired the company in 2012 and made a dream of starting a business which is appealing enough to make the buyers buy books online. For this, he needed to take certain steps and the first step he tool was making the existing members of the Book of the Month Club move to the other Bookspan's Literary Guild club and then he started building his new Book of the Month Club which would have only an online existence.

And after a good social media marketing, he started receiving memberships and orders were solely made online. And today there are various subscription offers like $14.99 for a one-month subscription for five hardcover books and for extra books $9.99.

Satisfied customers

With the changes brought by  the collapsing company of Book of the Month Club saved which was only possible through the response from the customers. They aim towards helping people to have tastes of new books and giving them new choices and options.

With quick ordering online, free-shipping, monthly offers and more the customers are satisfied with the new version of Book of the Month Club. And today it is considered as one of the most influential players among other book industries.