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A closer look at the journey of Roberto Casula reveals his vision and how he acted upon it to achieve his dream and goal in his life.

Motivation behind his hard work

Roberto CasulaBorn in a technically sound family, he was exposed to the world of engineers early in his life. The exposure along with his inner urge towards solving complex problems to overcome technical glitches regarding energy related matters pushed him to decide what he wants to become in future.

How did he start his journey?

Roberto Casula graduated in mining engineering from University of Cagliari and among a lot of offers, decided to join Eni as a reservoir engineer. Eni worked out perfectly according to his plan as he always wanted to work overseas. And within only a few years of joining Eni, he was shifted to West Africa. There was no stopping him thereafter. He kept climbing the ladder to make his career and travelled across cities – Milan, the Middle East are only to name a few.

Roberto Casula never wanted to set boundaries for himself. He wanted to travel,Roberto Casula meet different people, experience different cultures and serve people all over the world. He wanted to work by adopting different strategies used by people across the world to overcome both technical and non-technical glitches happening all over. This was the main reason which drove him towards the decision of choosing Eni over other job opportunities he had after he graduated.

What is Roberto’s motto in life?

No human has ever become successful just by working hard. Success demands vision, motto and honesty. Roberto believes in all above principles and these are major factors contributing to him becoming successful at an early age. He believes that gratitude has an immense potential and a simple “thank you” can motivate and inspire people beyond imagination to push their boundaries to achieve the unachievable.

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The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a renowned organization that does the work of philanthropy. The most promising aim of this institution is to boost the assistance and welfare between the communities of Christians and Jews. It was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in the year 1983. The aim of IFCJ ratings is to extend the supporting hand to the state of Israel.

IFCJ ratingsDoes the Fellowship fulfill the guidelines of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability?

The Fellowship takes extraordinary pride in keeping up the most elevated moral measures conceivable. Keeping that in mind, we do our best to pursue the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship directed by the ECFA. Be that as it may, on account of our work in both the Jewish and Christian people group.

IFCJ ratingsWould one be able to make an unknown gift to any of The Fellowship programs?

We value your desire to stay unknown. Rest guaranteed that your security is essential to us. We don't make the names of our benefactors known to those they have helped, nor do we sell, lease or distribute their names.

Would one be able to give my blessing to a particular individual through the IFCJ ratings?

Since the ventures are done by accomplices who recognize those in most prominent need at the time subsidizing is gotten, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to set aside a present for a specific individual. Your blessings will profit those individuals most in need

Does the Fellowship acknowledge gifts of garments or family unit products?

Lamentably, we are not ready to acknowledge gifts of this sort. The expense of transportation merchandise to our task territories is restrictive. As an option, think about holding a carport or yard deal and giving the returns to The Fellowship. Or it is regarding giving the things to a nearby asylum or magnanimous resale shop as IFCJ ratings.

Energy In Demand

According to the data and statistics, the global population is rising at a very fast pace and would rise to a considerable level of the count. Roberto Casula has served different offices with different capacities, in which one motive was the same to Roberto Casulastrategize the scarce resources in nature. As the need for Oil and Gas would not reduce, instead will keep increasing with the rise in population all across the world. So would the need for energy, as human life would require enough sources to fulfil the daily routine needs. That applies to every country and society.

For more than 3 decades, Roberto Casula has been putting all his potential and efforts to plan the fruitful strategies. That can strongly stand the fact of increasing population, by approximately 60% in very small time duration. In fact, there are various plannings and missions to ensure that the demands of energy resources Roberto Casulacan be met in a timely fashion. In order to make sure, that the existence of human life doesn’t fall into risk and all the needs can be maintained with the appropriate supply which equals the demand, if not more.

Human Efforts Essential

As per the expert's opinion, it is not an easy task to maintain the balance between the natural scarcity of the lasting resources and human needs. Roberto Casula suggested practical and feasible ways, for the better tomorrow. Such as allowing a limited energy supply, per household or an individual on a regular basis. That would result in the distribution of energy resources, as a completely planned system without any kind of bias or uneven distribution among the consumers of the particular society. In addition to that, he also addressed the high-level gatherings for the same purpose to achieve success.

The Yael Eckstein-led International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ) is working towards the causes of Jews and Christians in Israel. Be it poverty alleviation schemes, bringing them back from foreign shores and developing a meaningful life for them or treating the elderly Holocaust survivors with honor and respect, the organization is at the forefront of all these initiatives.

Yael EcksteinThe Fellowship has many projects and programs that are solely directed to meet these objectives. Overall, the aim of the Fellowship is to develop a country and people who are self-reliant and free of any prejudices so that a progressive society can be formed.

Yael Eckstein believes that the 400 projects by the Fellowship that are currently on in the country can make a huge difference to the needy Jews and Christians and can help in making a difference to their lives. She also has a leaning towards the biblical teachings and helps in understanding many aspects of her work through them. We detail some of those over here to get an understanding.

  • The Fellowship is exporting produce - While explaining one of the biblical prophecies, Yael Eckstein quotes the Isaiah to say “The deserts will bloom”. She juxtaposes her organization's efforts in exporting edible produce to the other parts of the world. It is only a way of saying that the teachings of the bible are true and her organization is doing the best that can be done to help the people who are desperately in need of it.
  • Yael Eckstein
  • The organization also helps people to come back - The Fellowship is helping distressed people return to Israel from countries like Yemen, Iran, Russia, etc. and it is doing a lot for those people. There is a sense within the Fellowship that the prophecies of the Bible will come real one day so that the country will regain its lost glory and the organization is striving towards that aim.

Whatever it may be but some very noble work is being done by the Fellowship for the betterment of the country's citizens.

Yael Eckstein was a famous individual all around the world for this huge contribution to the world. He was the man who made possible something that people dreamt of. He united the two castes as brothers and sisters who were in constant rivalry with each other.Yael Eckstein

Amazing advancements were made in recent timed due to the experience and knowledge of Yael Eckstein, the founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

The IFCJ is a famous organization that was created by Yael Eckstein to fill the gap between the Jews and the Christians that has been widening since ages. Yael was an excellent spokesperson due to which he was successful in bringing help from overseas as well. A small organization took a huge turn within a year and the people working under it worked with more and more compassion. Yael worked day and night for the unity of the two castes also helped the Jews who were harassed badly by the Christians. This man was able to get a new world to the people where the Jews and Christians lived under the same roof. Due to this reason he was awarded among the top 50 Rabbis around the USA for their excellent contribution to mankind.

Yael Eckstein

Background knowledge about Yael Eckstein 

Yael Eckstein was a highly qualified human being who has been a student is world famous institutions around the world. He was a part of the Queens University in New York where he studied sociology and Jewish. He also studied in the Hebrew University in Israel and the Torad Chested Seminary where he studied all the different biblical connotations and traditions of Christians. His daughter, Yechiel Eckstein succeeded him after his death recently.  His enormous devotion to his work was praiseworthy which changed the world entirely from what it was.

Yael Eckstein is the president of IFCJ. IFCJ is International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. It is a philanthropic organization established to help the Jews in Israel.

IFCJ was established by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Yael Eckstein is the daughter of Yechiel Eckstein.

About her early life

Yael EcksteinYael Eckstein was born in Illinois and she did her primary studies from Torat Chesed Seminary which is in Israel. Then she went to New York to study at Queens College. She completed her higher studies from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She is a degree holder in Biblical studies, Jewish studies, and Sociology.

She is married and has four children. She currently resides in Jerusalem. Yael is a successful writer and has written two books, namely Holy Land Reflections and Spiritual Cooking with Yael. She is very much dedicated to social services.

She is a regular blogger and writes for The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post. She has also been the spokesperson on various international events.

Yael has been given the title of “One of Israel's 100 Most Influential Women” by Makor Rishon in the year 2014. She has also featured on the cover of NashimYael Eckstein (Women) magazine in 2015.

Association with IFCJ

Yael Eckstein is the president of IFCJ and looks into every aspect of the organization. She looks after all the ministry programs. She is the spokesperson of IFCJ for every international events and meeting.

Yechiel Eckstein has contributed a lot towards the welfare of the people of Israel. And Yael Eckstein is now following the footsteps of her father. She is doing a lot for the people there and taking every measure for the betterment of the Jews in Israel and all over the world. She arranges all the funds for the organization and makes sure that those funds are utilized in the right direction.

She is surely a person with a very bright vision.

When you are presiding over a committee which has been founded by someone of your dynasty, you tend to look on with greater care. The same has happened with Yael Eckstein, who presides over the fellowship. She has taken up the greatest Yael Ecksteinresponsibility to communicate with the public that is she has become an international spoke person. Not only is that she vested with the responsibility of all ministry program.

A unique and multi-talented lady

Yael Eckstein has the qualities which make her just for the position in such an organization which caters too many. She is a writer and social reformer. She has the virtue of being a respected person indulging her whole potential in social service.

She has authored many good books which can craft the idea as how she operates the social reform activities. It also says how she has documented the stories and incidents of Israel.

Reaching out to common people

Through the Fellowship radio medium she reaches out the common people. SheYael Eckstein awakens people in Jewish faith. She also preaches people about the Jewish and Christian relations. The two sections of people divided by religion and thoughts. She also says about the life in Israel. How it feels to be in Israel and the experiences of staying in the country.

Yael Eckstein has a large medium to spread her words. She has over fifteen-hundred radio stations which does this important work around the world.

Her network is spread all over the globe

She has partnered with various concerns with other global concerns. She has left no stone unturned to connect to people. She appeared on the media broadcast over television and in different channels all over the world.

She has done all this to increase the fellowship amount and increase its limits. This all she has done to carry on his duty as her father did.

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Social channels vs hotel booking sites

Let it compare with other method of booking on hotel booking engine site. This is rather more popular way of hotel booking. Trivago is one example of hotel booking site that has appealed to many travelers. They find easy to book their favorite hotel via this booking engine. There are few other popular sites that are used by most people. Most people, even Facebook users, still don’t have knowledge of Book Now option on Facebook. Even if they know, they are not comfortable with this option. They trust more on hotel booking sites.


We conclude that hotel booking sites are best way of hotel booking and favored by most travelers due to trust and convenience.

The visa australia is available from the Australian government to passport holders of specified countries and regions. The passport holders of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brunei,           Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (SAR), Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA, and Vatican City qualify for issue of this document to travel to Australia without a tourist visa, under visa waiver program (VWP).

Make sure whether visa or ETA is appropriate for Australian travel

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ETA conditions

What are the conditions for an ETA traveler?

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  • You must be free from tuberculosis (TB) at the time of travel to Australia.
  • You can be refused entry into Australia even with ETA, if you have criminal convictions.

ETA: Easy entry into Australian land

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an easy way to make entry into Australia, but after fulfilling all the above conditions. If you fail to satisfy any of the specified conditions, you will not be eligible for ETA or entry into Australia with ETA document.

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Thousands of elderly Jews who have escaped death during the Holocaust are living their final years in poverty and isolation. Many live solely on meager pensions, making the difficult choice between buying food and other essentials every day in life, like lifesaving medicines, shelter, and heat in the winter months.

IFCJ reviews

the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews helps Holocaust survivors throughout Israel and across the former Soviet Union receive basic necessities needed for their survival .The Fellowship takes the words of the Bible to heart in caring for the Holocaust survivors who are in extreme need

In Israel and the former Soviet Union many of the Jewish children live in poverty. Some have become orphan while the others are homeless. The IFCJ provides them with the basic requirements like food and shelter as called upon them by the Holy Scripture. In Israel over eight hundred thousand children live in poverty. The Guardians of Israel ministry tackles the critical needs of poor and fragile children and orphans in Israel by providing food, medicine, and clothing.

The IFCJ has given assistance touching the lives of millions of Jews not only in Israel but all over the globe by providing life-giving aid to victims of war and terror in Israel and a lot more than that.

IFCJ reviewsSo if one asks if IFCJ is good charity? The answer would most definitely be yes.

The beginning

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) was originated in the year 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

IFCJ ratings

The Charity Navigator provides the IFCJ rating (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) a three star out of five marking a score of 85.68 out of 100 (as of 2018).


The IFCJ reviews the workings of many of its bodies and coordinates their activities to help the poorer sections of Jews in their survival.

There is no definition to the assurance, when it comes to the deplorable conditions of the oppressed groups of the society. IFCJ ratings can be counted as the source of reliability, since you can count on the works and feedback posted by the people in real time. Is IFCJ a good charitySuch bodies are working for the betterment of the society, along with the growth of the country. IFCJ reviews are the clear and transparent source, through which you can easily gage the performance delivered by the responsible organization. In order to make sure, that there stands no chance of the errors in the same direction.

Is IFCJ a good charity, off course the statement is affirmative. Since it is one of the leading names that has successfully captured the hearts of the suffering people in the most significant way. Is IFCJ a good charityBy delivering the maximum possible services and assisting the people, in every possible manner. In addition to which, IFCJ has been working as a stand alone body for ensuring the success of humanity. That has offered a considerable living standard to most of the communities, in the limited time frame. Taking them from the hunger and begging to, meeting the basic requirements of life.

IFCJ rating can be quoted, when you talk about the efforts of the professional and dedicated team of workers associated with the brand. The people who have been working day and night, for the betterment of the communities that have been suffering for a long time. Things have seen the harsh and ruthless reality of the human life, which was changed drastically by the positive efforts contributed by the group of people who didn’t leave any stone unturned. You can understand the complex situations, by the way the jewish people have been suffering and losing all hopes of any support.

An organization is good or a scam can only be detected by the kind of feedback people give about it. The reviews and ratings are the forms of feedback given to an organization. While talking about IFCJ, even though, it is a non – profit making organization yet the same criteria are applicable to know whether it is a genuine IFCJ reviewsorganization or fraud. It is obvious for people to have any questions related to the authenticity of an organization.

The question Is IFCJ a good charity can only be answered after going through the reviews and rating about the organization. Let’s go a bit deep to find out more about this organization.

The IFCJ ratings

The International Fellowship of Christian and Jews is not – for- profit making organization set under section 501 (c) (3). You can find their financial reports on various platforms on the internet. They also report discloses related to the statements and their financial undertakings on their official website. They also IFCJ reviewspublish their audit report on various websites. You can also see the IRS Form 990 that they made recently on their website along with the IFCJ rating.

You can also check out the IFCJ ratings featured on different websites that also includes Guide Star and Charity Navigator.

Organizational Structure of IFCJ

The beliefs of the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews can be seen in their approach. Their belief in transparency can easily be seen in form 990 and in their financial statement.  The IRS form 990 helps the potential donors in determining the functioning and the legitimate nature of the organization.

This form includes financial statements, reports on organizations acquit, compensation given as well as the compliance with different tax structure.  This form is a basis on which a donor can make their decision whether they want to make a donation or not. As a prospective donor, you can also look for IFCJ reviews for better understanding.

With the rise in the number of charities around the world it is often asked that is IFCJ a good charity? So today IFCJ reviews has presented the various contributions of IFCJ since it has been established. The International Federation of Christians and Jews has changed the lives of a number of people from the faiths of Christianity and Jewish.IFCJ reviews

The changes brought about by IFCJ ratings can be best reflected by highlighting the people whose lives changed thanks to the various programs and initiatives of this organization. Some of these people are as follows:

  • The soldiers and their families

Due to the horror stricken past of the country, it has a huge fleet of soldiers who have dedicated the prime of their lives to serve and protect the country. And as a gesture of appreciation and goodwill, IFCJ rating has launched the program of Guardians of Israel. This particular program is focused on providing the necessary help and guidance to its soldiers and their families.

  • Survivors of the Holocaust

The Holocaust is one of the darkest periods of history and as its victims live on, the International Federation of Christians and Jews is doing their part for them. Most of its surviving victims are now spending their remaining years in abject poverty and isolation. Hence, the programs of Guardians of Israel and Isaiah 58 have reached out to such victims. They are trying to ensure that the victims are provided the basic resources to lead a better life.IFCJ reviews

  • Orphans and war torn families

In the countries of Israel and the Soviet Union there is a growing population of orphans as well as families destroyed by war. Thanks to the initiative of Isaiah 58, there has been a significant upheaval in their conditions. The program aims at orphans, children and their families and providing them a better future at all cost.

No matter who you are and what goals you have, yet one thing that is more important in life is good health. Your heart is the primary in your cardiovascular system, and it is essentially crucial for just about everything that gives your body lifeline. Cardiovascular disease is the major worldwide reason of death, responsible for 17.3 million deaths every year. Over 600,000 people succumb to heart problem in the US every year–which means 1 in every 4 deaths.

Mr. Roberto Casula MD FRCS FETCS is a Consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon has operated on several thousand cardiac patients since performing his first open heart operation in 1990. In one of his interviews, he has expressed concerned over the increasing number of heart diseases.roberto casula

Why Heart Health is important during every phase of life?

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There are ways to promote good cardiovascular health.roberto casula

Ways to improve healthy cardiovascular system

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Even, Mr. Roberto Casula confirms the same!

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Working towards goals

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Finding alternative energy sources

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