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Grade Is the Best Form for Piping Application of Titanium

Many valuable elements are embedded in the earth’s crust, but very few are unique due to their exceptional properties. Titanium is an element that can be located in the middle of Periodic Table. This is an amazing element naturally found in the earth’s crust, and exists in metallic form after extraction. titanium pipingTitanium is an expensive material, but its unique properties make it worthful for multiple applications. This metal is best known for as high-strength, low-weight material with high corrosion resistance that make this material more valuable compared to other low-priced metals.

Titanium Grading

Titanium piping is an important way of using this material in equipment making. Titanium can be graded like steel, but this metal has superseded steel in grade-based applications. Titanium, as such, is very efficient for various applications, but its grading makes it more efficient. titanium pipingWhen titanium is used for pipe making, the Grade selection is made by the industry based on industry standards.  There are separate Grades for titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium piping manufacturing considers appropriateness of Grade for a specific type of application. The list of various Grades is available on the websites of titanium equipment making industries. The expert help can also be sought in this regard.

Grades and their relation to titanium properties

It is always necessary to refer the grade classification for titanium piping. This classification is based on possession of certain properties. Grade 1 is used in most industries, but not suitable for every application. You can choose from list of titanium Grades or make selection from the list of titanium alloys Grades for your specific need. Land-based, marine, and chemical processing applications require selection of separate Grade, considering corrosiveness or weight as property that fits in the situation. The industry always takes view of Grades and sometimes hire services of experts to identify suitable Grade so that best use of this expensive metal can be done.

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