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Hidden Fact of Pure Vegetarian or Vegan Foods

Do you hear someone saying that he or she is a pure vegetarian? Most people say like this, but what’s the truth. Let’s take a scientific perspective of this statement. As depicted from the name, a pure vegetarian must be an individual who doesn’t eat meats or products derived from animals. There’s a marked difference between animal eating and animal-product eating. The former indicates eating of animal meat and the latter indicates eating of a product either made from animal’s meat or derived from animals.

Are you really a pure vegetarian?

vegan restaurants

Considering the discussion in above para, no one is a pure vegetarian. Many vegetarian foods also contain a tinge of animal products. For instance, sugar is refined by addition of animals’ bone powder. In scientific terms also, pure vegetarians never exist because bacteria habitat inside our gut and bacteria are living creatures. Thus, people who have claim of dining in vegetarian restaurants is wrong. Some restaurants serving vegetarian dished also use animal products to enhance delicacy of their dishes, but their vegetarian customers are unaware about this fact. They enjoy dining in a vegetarian restaurant considering that luscious dished ordered by them are purely plant products.

Pure vegetarian? Dine in a vegan restaurant.

You may not have guarantee of pure vegetarian dishes in a vegetarian restaurant. If you are absolutely vegetarian or your religion forbids consumption of animal products, and you refrain from animal-derived products, this category of restaurant is not appropriate for you. There’s a new category of restaurants, called vegan restaurants, based on the concept of vegan foods, where you have the assurance of getting purely vegetarian dishes. Though scientifically, you can never be a pure vegetarian, yet you can derive maximum benefit of being a vegetarian in these restaurants.

The words to note

What you think is not always same as what you see or get. This is a hidden fact of pure vegetarian foods you eat in your home or restaurants.