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IFCJ and Its Contribution to the World

With the rise in the number of charities around the world it is often asked that is IFCJ a good charity? So today IFCJ reviews has presented the various contributions of IFCJ since it has been established. The International Federation of Christians and Jews has changed the lives of a number of people from the faiths of Christianity and Jewish.IFCJ reviews

The changes brought about by IFCJ ratings can be best reflected by highlighting the people whose lives changed thanks to the various programs and initiatives of this organization. Some of these people are as follows:

  • The soldiers and their families

Due to the horror stricken past of the country, it has a huge fleet of soldiers who have dedicated the prime of their lives to serve and protect the country. And as a gesture of appreciation and goodwill, IFCJ rating has launched the program of Guardians of Israel. This particular program is focused on providing the necessary help and guidance to its soldiers and their families.

  • Survivors of the Holocaust

The Holocaust is one of the darkest periods of history and as its victims live on, the International Federation of Christians and Jews is doing their part for them. Most of its surviving victims are now spending their remaining years in abject poverty and isolation. Hence, the programs of Guardians of Israel and Isaiah 58 have reached out to such victims. They are trying to ensure that the victims are provided the basic resources to lead a better life.IFCJ reviews

  • Orphans and war torn families

In the countries of Israel and the Soviet Union there is a growing population of orphans as well as families destroyed by war. Thanks to the initiative of Isaiah 58, there has been a significant upheaval in their conditions. The program aims at orphans, children and their families and providing them a better future at all cost.