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Every industry has unique challenges. Whether it’s security, compliance, customer service, or employee engagement — today’s organizations are turning to digital tools to address their needs.

Igloo digital workplace solutions are built to address industry-specific challenges — by breaking down barriers to productivity and innovation. And they’re inspired by successful implementations with top brands in each category.


Student success shouldn’t be stunted by broken processes and old technology. Explore digital workplace solutions designed to improve the way educators communicate and collaborate.

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In this heavily regulated and competitive industry, security and accuracy of data is critical. Explore digital workplace solutions that connect your people with the resources they need to boost your bottom line.

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Improving patient outcomes is a top priority in the healthcare industry. Learn how better communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing can contribute to that goal.

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High Tech

What does it take to stay ahead? Motivated employees and modern tools. Discover digital workplace solutions that were designed for ultimate productivity and collaboration.

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In the hospitality industry, employees are the face of the brand. Learn how to create positive and memorable customer experiences by ensuring your front line is engaged and informed.

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In not-for-profit organizations, doing more with less is the name of the game. Explore digital workplace solutions that deliver maximum results with minimal effort.

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Professional Services

Your clients trust you to deliver quality services, on time and on budget. Explore digital workplace solutions that enable your staff to keep pace with your business and keep your clients happy.

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Providing superior service is a top priority in the retail industry. Learn how a connected and engaged workforce can translate into a better customer experience.

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