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Key goals of IFCJ

International Fellowship of Christians & Jews (IFCJ ratings) is the charitable organization that requests funds from the people globally to promote a good understanding between the Christians and Jews and to give ample support to Israel by sorting out their issues. This organization was established in the year 1983 to give support to the people of Israel. This was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He is working in the capacity of President for the company. IFCJ ratingsThe operations of the organization entrusted to the board of directors who are the leading Jews and Christians. The main objective of this company is to cooperate with each other, oppose whenever required and preach all the time about the Christianity. This organization is completely non-profitable. If you are contributing to this non-profit organization, it is tax deductible as per the law.

IFCJ ratingsFollowing are the key goals of this non-profit charity organization:

  • Impart knowledge to the Christians and Jews by explaining the faith of Jews and their roots to the Christians and the Christianity and their faith to the Jewish community
  • This organization will help Jews to migrate to the Soviet Union and help the poor and the starving Jews who are in this nation with the help of the funds received. This is how they are helping Christians to show their love and support to the people of the Jewish and the people who are residing in Israel.
  • It activates the faith communities in America and promote about the religion liberty forum and this forum will address the prevailing issues.
  • Encourage both the Jews and Christians to share their morals and values with each other while protecting their own beliefs. The religious expression is protected by addressing this goal in public schools.
  • Resolve all the conflicts between the Christians and Jews in an amicable way
  • Strengthen relationships between Christians and Jews to promote biblical objectives to the family, embrace American culture and keep up the faith of the people globally.

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