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Postponement Notice on The 6th Edition of Lab Indonesia 2020

news | 26 August 2020
Tag: food and beverage indonesia shodex

[Announcement from Organiser]
”? Due to the increasing number of cases worldwide and the travel uncertainty, the 6th Lab Indonesia which is scheduled to be held on 25-27 November 2020 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran will be postponed to 1 – 3 September 2021.

Initially, Lab Indonesia 2020 was postponed from April to November to enhanced quality of the event, with more exhibitors and qualified trade buyers. However, in light of the uncertainties from COVID-19, which include travel restrictions, health & safety concerns as well as business climate. Therefore, with the interests of the event and its stakeholders, it’s decided to postpone again to September 2021.? “

Despite COVID-19 situation, Shodex Singapore team are still commited to maintain our support as much as possible for customers.
We also started YouTube channel to share our knowledge with you for free. We hope they are useful for your day-to-day tasks.
Some of the videos are also displayed in the Shodex product page here.

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Cap Seal: You Need Easy-to-Peel Foil Seal

news | 19 August 2020
Tag: cap seal food and beverage

Good packaging for everyone!

Is this what you want for a good morning?


When I opened yogurt, I noticed that cap seal was difficult to open and .. sadly torn up easily.
If only the foil seal were Showa Denko’s, I would not have any stress to open it…

Showa Denko manufactures easy-to-peel cap seal for products such as yoghurt, coffee cup, pudding and etc.
Also, we can design film formulation and suggest total solution for food packaging including cost reduction and easy peal!

Inquiry and consulting are always welcome!
Please feel free to drop us your interest.

Your life will be much better!

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 4)

news | 11 August 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage thailand zeolite

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2?!

Looking into ASEAN region, Thailand is a major producer of bio-ethanol in Southeast Asia.
The dependence on energy imports has been increasing with the country’s economic development.
Therefore, government of?Thailand is promoting self-sufficient energy by encouraging ethanol production?to ensure a stable supply of energy.

While conducting sales of our adsorbents (Zeolites) for dehydration equipment in the growing ethanol industry.?
We found that a large amount of unused carbon dioxide has been released to the atmosphere every year.
Based on hearings from customers,?about 300 million tons of carbon dioxide are generated as by-product from ethanol fermentation process.
We believe that effective utilization of this carbon dioxide could contribute to: the?reduction of greenhouse gases and the cost of bioethanol.

When we analyzed the quality of this carbon dioxide, we found that the crude gas had a high purity of 99.5%,?which is finer to other sources like oil refining.
Although further refining is required, capital investment would be relatively low.
So,?we could deliver reasonable price and high-quality carbon dioxide to customers.

Our investigation and study showing that the concept is becoming feasible.?
Next step: we are looking for partners who interested to carry out this project together.
No limitation of industry you’re from, we welcome anyone who want to live in a lovely sustainable planet.

In the final chapter, we would like to share our passion for this project, if you feel interested please follow us till the final chapter.

…To be continued…

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KROPICO: Biostimulant for Plants

news | 28 July 2020
Tag: food and beverage Kropico plantation plants

Planting is not an easy job, but we could make it easier and fruitful!

Plants grow easily just by spraying. How convenience if we could have such a cultivation enhancer.

Do not you want to enjoy the same outcome with simple step? Come join our project.

As pictures showing, our new fertilizer,?KROPICO? pull off another level of plant growth.?Even a big farmer or beginner plant lover, you can easily enjoy this wonderful outcome.?KROPICO? can be applied to any kind of plants, from veggies, fruits to flower.

Not only upscaling size and beauty of the plants, but also enhancing its sweetness to be tastier and more enjoyable! KROPICO? is very easy to use for planting or farming, undoubtedly for every scale. Only?1000x dilution then you can fulfil your dream with easy plantation.?

KROPICO? contains a mix of oligosaccharides from?natural product. So, you do not need to worry about chemicals usage and safety for your caring plants and health.

We are on the process to launch KROPICO? globally, and have completed trial phase in?lettuce, tomato, watermelon?and even?rice.?They are all grew up beautifully with KROPICO?.

For next step,?we are looking for local partner, especially who plant?cassava, sugar cane and rice, to join the launch of this product.?Non-experience users also welcome.

In this project, you can enjoy free sample for your beautiful plant-to-be. And, we are more than happy to give suggestion on your plan either?indoor planting or big-scale farm.??

Please drop us your interest, and we are looking forward to working with you.

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 3)

news | 13 July 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage thailand

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2?!

Global warming, our breath. Many readers may have a bad impression of carbon dioxide.?
But on the other hand, carbon dioxide is also essential to our lives.?
Carbon dioxide is used as a foaming agent for carbonated drinks such as soda and ‘chuhai’ (“shōchū highball”).?
It is also used for dry-ice for cooling in-flight meals, ice cream and frozen foods.

Recently, carbon dioxide has been playing an active role in beauty and health fields, such as lotions containing carbon dioxide.
In the industrial field, it is used for rubber molding blasting and welding.
Now you know that carbon dioxide is critical to our lives.
Unfortunately, many of these are made from the by-products of oil refining.

If these products are of plant origin and can contribute to the prevention of global warming, consumers will be excited.

Then, what can we do in order to bring the product to market??
In the next part, we will explain in detail about our startup activities in Thailand.

…To be continued…

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 2)

news | 29 June 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage thailand

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2?!


Our mission is to continue providing new value to the world.
While considering a new project, we wanted to contribute to the prevention of global warming through our business.

I got an information from a friend in Indonesia about a company that uses carbon dioxide from bioethanol production by-product, for drinks and dry ice.
That was a hint for this project startup.
In ASEAN countries, many companies are producing bioethanol for fuel, from sugar cane and cassava as a policy to get out of dependence on oil. Demand for carbonated drinks is also growing.

So what are the issue for these industries?

Many beverage manufacturers use carbon dioxide for raw material as by-product of oil and natural gas.
Due to spread of COV-19, suppliers are forced to decrease their operation rate, and supply/demand balance of CO2 is tighten in the world.
Beverage manufactures are thriving to find supply during this pandemic.
The risk is threatening the industry, and manufacturers are trying to find new sources for CO2.?
On the other hand, the development of eco-friendly products?is being actively promoted as a trend in the world.?
In fact, beverage manufacturers in Europe and the United States are also?actively incorporating bio-fieondly and eco-friendly raw materials.

While proceeding our study, we focus on Thailand market.

Thailand is one of the world-ranked Ethanol producer and beverage manufacturers,?mainly rely on CO2 from refineries industry.
In addition, a lot of CO2 is emitted from bio-ethanol fermentation process and Thai government wants to reduce total emission of CO2.?
The change of purchasing policy in beverage manufacturers occurred in Europe and United States is expected to happen in Thailand as “new normal”.?
So, I thought we can provide value to this industry by making effective use of CO2 from bioethanol.?
Therefore, we want to you to be prepared of ‘new normal’ in Thailand,?which could happen in near future, by commercializing eco-friendly CO2 and building a stable supply system.

We believe our Bio-CO2 project would be the solution for this industry!

Inquiry and consulting are always welcome! Please feel free to share your interest.

…To be continued…

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 1)

news | 15 June 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2?!


Is it possible to maintain BOTH a convenient life and a beautiful earth?

Humans are generating more products and other materials to support people’s comfortable lives,
while continuing to shorten the life of the earth, such as the emission of greenhouse gases and industrial waste.

While working for a chemical manufacturer, I suddenly feel such a contradiction.
Can we fulfill our role and contribute to a sustainable world?
With that in mind, we started one project.

That is the Bio-CO2 project.

Do you know that carbon dioxide is used in carbonated drinks such as cider and energy drinks?
This industrial carbon dioxide is refined from oil and natural gas and delivered to beverage manufacturers.
Though we already make use of this byproduct, global warming is progressing at faster pace.
Not only our company, but the consumers also starting to consider more on eco-friendly production, less negative impact to world ecosystem. Therefore, we started the Bio-CO2 project to reduce greenhouse gases in this industry so that consumers themselves can feel they’re preserving mother nature.

In the next part, we will explain about it.

…To be continued…

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GLDA is Biodegradable Cleaning Agent

news | 06 April 2020
Tag: chelating agent edta food and beverage glda

Don’t you worry about scale!


Scale, enemy of food hygiene…especially milk, beer and sugar industry. But don’t worry! Showa Denko Singapore gives you the solution for scale removal with special cleaning agent.

You can perfectly remove the cause of scale such as silica and metal ion. Showa Denko GLDA are loved by beverage industry cause its safety and biodegradability.?We hope you will find it useful for your food safety.

Please feel free to drop us your inquiry.?
We can provide you all-free consultation.

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