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KROPICO: Biostimulant for Plants

news | 28 July 2020
Tag: food and beverage Kropico plantation plants

Planting is not an easy job, but we could make it easier and fruitful!

Plants grow easily just by spraying. How convenience if we could have such a cultivation enhancer.

Do not you want to enjoy the same outcome with simple step? Come join our project.

As pictures showing, our new fertilizer,?KROPICO? pull off another level of plant growth.?Even a big farmer or beginner plant lover, you can easily enjoy this wonderful outcome.?KROPICO? can be applied to any kind of plants, from veggies, fruits to flower.

Not only upscaling size and beauty of the plants, but also enhancing its sweetness to be tastier and more enjoyable! KROPICO? is very easy to use for planting or farming, undoubtedly for every scale. Only?1000x dilution then you can fulfil your dream with easy plantation.?

KROPICO? contains a mix of oligosaccharides from?natural product. So, you do not need to worry about chemicals usage and safety for your caring plants and health.

We are on the process to launch KROPICO? globally, and have completed trial phase in?lettuce, tomato, watermelon?and even?rice.?They are all grew up beautifully with KROPICO?.

For next step,?we are looking for local partner, especially who plant?cassava, sugar cane and rice, to join the launch of this product.?Non-experience users also welcome.

In this project, you can enjoy free sample for your beautiful plant-to-be. And, we are more than happy to give suggestion on your plan either?indoor planting or big-scale farm.??

Please drop us your interest, and we are looking forward to working with you.

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Glycine Mother Liquor as Sustainable Fertilizer

news | 12 May 2020
Tag: glycine mother liquor plantation plants sustainable fertilizer

Achieve beautiful plant with low cost!?


Glycine Mother Liquor could help grow plant beautifully at low cost and eco-friendly system. Mother liquor is byproducts of food additive, Glycine, and hundreds of tons of it has been discarded wastefully in the past. Showa Denko K.K. had a second look into the product and discovered that Mother Liquor can be essentially used as liquid fertilizer which has effect of plant disease resistance and slow penetration for soil.

Then we successfully came with the concept to balance reduction of industrial waste and releasing effective fertilizer to create sustainable system.
We hope to be your partner for effective plant growing by providing competitive price.
Please feel free to drop us your interest.

??Free on-site support? ? ? ? ??Free online consultation? ? ? ? ??Low price guarantee

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