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HATOCOT: Shorten Your Construction Period Now

news | 23 August 2020
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How can you recover delay in construction period?
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"The construction period is behind schedule..., how can I shorten the construction period of the building?"
"I want to install a rooftop with a small number of workers..."
"I can't cure concrete fast enough due to sudden rain!"

We would love to introduce our HATOCOT? to designers, construction companies, and construction companies, who has such worries.

The HATOCOT? is a prefabricated flat roof penetrations housing, so called? “dog house”.
By using this, you could skip many steps of installing conventional dog house such as:

  1. form assembly
  2. bar arrangement
  3. concrete placement
  4. form removal
  5. mortar finishing before laying roof slabs

Just follow 8 simple steps of installation:


It was firstly introduced in Japan to improve productivity by reducing manpower, shortening construction period and eliminating waste material generated on-site.
Recognized for its convenience, it is also used in Singapore. ????

As a campaign during COVID, we will give FREE 2 units of HATOCOTO? V-II type by prize-draw.
The condition is as follow:

  • Designers, construction companies, or construction companies in Singapore
  • First come, first served basis
  • Apply by the end of 2020

**Delivery fee from warehouse to site bear by winner.?

Please apply through the inquiry form in our website.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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