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‘On Wings of Eagles’ is a Rehabilitative Program

The 'International Fellowship of Jews and Christians' (IFCJ) is a non-profit organization aimed at improving the condition of Jews across the world. Towards meeting this end, the organization has many types of programs that target different ways in which the lives of poor Jews could be touched and made more satisfactory.

IFCJOne such program of IFCJ is the 'On Wings of Eagles'. It is designed for the poor and needy Jews who live all across the world - in diverse countries like Argentina, the Middle East, India, Russia and many more.

It assists them in immigrating to Israel so that they can start a new life in their biblical country. It is a hopeful program so that the Jewish community can feel proud of themselves and live in a more relaxed manner. Some of the major highlights of the program are as follows.

  • Bringing them back is the primary goal - The primary aim of IFCJ is to bring back the Jews, especially the elderlies and children to their native land so that they can live honorably. In some countries, where Jews are in large numbers, large-scale immigration had to be done. These were known as "freedom flight" in their parlance to highlight the importance of this immigration for them. It is typically known as 'aliyah' in Hebrew and signifies the return of Jews to their Holy Land.
  • IFCJ
  • Living assistance is also provided - IFCJ not only helps in bringing these Jewish migrants back to the country but they also offer 'klitah'. It is a type of resettlement assistance that is provided to these immigrants so that they can become complete members of the Israeli society. All of these funds are procured from the donors of the organization who are spread out throughout the globe in large numbers.

'On Wings of Eagles' has been able to touch many Jewish lives so that they have been able to return to the country of their dreams and live a graceful life.