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The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and their work

Thousands of elderly Jews who have escaped death during the Holocaust are living their final years in poverty and isolation. Many live solely on meager pensions, making the difficult choice between buying food and other essentials every day in life, like lifesaving medicines, shelter, and heat in the winter months.

IFCJ reviews

the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews helps Holocaust survivors throughout Israel and across the former Soviet Union receive basic necessities needed for their survival .The Fellowship takes the words of the Bible to heart in caring for the Holocaust survivors who are in extreme need

In Israel and the former Soviet Union many of the Jewish children live in poverty. Some have become orphan while the others are homeless. The IFCJ provides them with the basic requirements like food and shelter as called upon them by the Holy Scripture. In Israel over eight hundred thousand children live in poverty. The Guardians of Israel ministry tackles the critical needs of poor and fragile children and orphans in Israel by providing food, medicine, and clothing.

The IFCJ has given assistance touching the lives of millions of Jews not only in Israel but all over the globe by providing life-giving aid to victims of war and terror in Israel and a lot more than that.

IFCJ reviewsSo if one asks if IFCJ is good charity? The answer would most definitely be yes.

The beginning

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) was originated in the year 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

IFCJ ratings

The Charity Navigator provides the IFCJ rating (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) a three star out of five marking a score of 85.68 out of 100 (as of 2018).


The IFCJ reviews the workings of many of its bodies and coordinates their activities to help the poorer sections of Jews in their survival.