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The Secrets to Success in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry has a fair idea of who Roberto Casula. He is one of the renowned Senior Executives of ENI. He has answers, to most of our queries related to the Industry.

About Roberto Casula ENI

Born and brought up at Cagliari in 1962, he graduated in mining engineering and joined ENI in 1988. He started working as a reservoir engineer in the Italian oilfields and then ventured into West Africa. He has held many respectable positions in various MNC Companies, connected to the oil and gas sector.

He has travelled across the Middle East and Africa on various occasions on work. So, by 2014, he brought in new developments in ENI in the departments of Development, Operations and Technology. After, abandoning the old organizational system he has stressed on automation of work.

A Typical Day for the Top Executive

Roberto Casula

He believes, that there can be typical day or work in energy-related companies. There are emergencies and new developments, very often. So, the day in his life would tentatively involve making short-term, mid-term and long-term goal, checking e-mails.

He focuses on supervision in the first half of the day and on new initiatives in the second half.

He loves to generate new ideas for business and a few qualities that help him, in the process are curiosity and imagination.

As an entrepreneur, he believes in challenging himself and others at work. He believes, ‘Change’ is the only constant and helps propel the business forward. He advises to make ‘failure’ the stepping stones to future success and suggests others to keep moving forward.

His favorite book so far, is ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas L. Friedman and he goes by the quote – “Genius lies in seeing opportunity where others don’t”.

He is a great visionary and competitive thinker in the ever changing Oil and Gas Industry.