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Three star rating of IFCJ

Origination of organization

            IFCJ is the organization which was started by Rabbi Yechiel Epstein. He was the founder of the charitable organization with the main intention of building bridge between the Christians and the Jews. The organization has headquarters in Jerusalem and Chicago. IFCJ reviews The IFCJ reviews explain that the organization can offer great services as it is handled by the independent board of directors, Christians and Jewish.

What does Charity Navigator say?

            The charity navigator gave IFCJ ratings as a three star rating with the score of 85.68 out of 100 in 2018. This means that it is not fake and not a scam. The activities make the IFCJ rating at a higher scale. The Fellowship focuses mainly on the “on wings of eagles” program. It is the program which mainly focuses on the assistance for Jews in making the immigration in Israel easy. They accept immigrants in Israel from Europe, Ethiopia, Soviet Union, Arab lands and many other countries form the world. It also helps them with the resettlement.IFCJ reviews

            Is IFCJ a good charity? This is what keeps on revolving in minds of number of people. Well, it is definitely a good charity. The purpose of the organization makes it worth your donations. It helps the guardians of Israel. The organization provides the basic necessities to the needy Israelis and supports them in number of projects such as the soup kitchens. They also help by providing the needy with clothing, food and much other basic assistance. They also offer the medicinal assistance which is distributed while considering the long terms needs such as jobs, family care and housing. This shows that your donation will be worth as the money donated by you will be useful to the needy people and the elderly people.