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Warding away fears regarding heart surgery

It is indeed a sad and agonizing moment when diagnoses point out that you are suffering from a heart problem. The nature and severity of the problem would determine whether lifestyle changes and medications would help or if you would be requiring either an open heart surgery or minimally invasive surgery. In order to get a clear idea about the heart problem you are suffering from and the right and effective treatment for the same you ought to reach out to roberto casula, a cardiothoracic surgeon and a researcher with vast experience in treating a wide range of heart problems.

Expert in Surgery

Roberto Casula

If surgery is indeed the only option left, you can be assured of expert care with minimal are no risks when the operation is to be performed by roberto casula, who has vast experience and has a proven track record of having performed effective surgical procedures on a number of his adult patients successfully. He has been in the consultant position since 1998 and is an expert in cardiothoracic surgery which includes

  • Minimally invasive valve replacement and repair surgery
  • Bypass surgery
  • Atrial fibrillation surgery

His experience and expertise in the field is such that he is also noted for a number of redo and complex surgical procedures that he has carried out successfully.

How can he help ward off fear?

 When surgery is the only option left to get your heart back to its proper functioning, the doctor would clearly explain the treatment that you have to undergo in order to ensure the proper functioning of the heart.  He would also explain to you about the potential risks and the measures they would take to avoid it. You would be free to voice your concerns and get clarifications for the same from the doctor. This would ensure that you go to the operation theatre without any doubts or fear.

 When you reach out to the expert, you can be assured of the best and safe treatment or surgical procedure.