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What are the basic etiquettes of a class ring?

Are you pursuing your studies at Sam Houston state university and eagerly waiting for your convocation day to get honored with the degree and the class ring? Then, the first thing you need to do is to choose the best class ring from different styles and designs. Basically, the tradition of class ring was started at this university in the year 2004. Every element of the ring would signify the pride of the university. One side of the sam houston state university class ring, it captures the significance of this university and on the other side it has engraved with the graduation year. sam houston state university class ringThese people use Austin hall, which is the oldest building to host this ceremony. The heart of the ring comprises of SH and a star, which represents the State of Texas. You can see the word honor on the side of the band. This ring is worn by the students of this university to give a statement to the world that they are prepared to take up the challenges that the world throws at them.

With the change in time, the situations also change. Today, you are a senior at a college, but tomorrow you may be a successful person. With the change in your social status, the way you wear the class ring keeps changing. Here are a few etiquettes that you need to follow on how to wear a sam houston state university class ring:sam houston state university class ring

  1. As long as you are a student in a school or college, the insignia should be facing towards you, so that you will be reminded of your goal even after you are honored with the graduation.
  2. After receiving the graduation, the class ring will change as a goodwill and serve like a badge of honor. At this time, you have to change the insignia facing outwards to give a statement to the world about the university that have shaped you as a person you are today.
  3. You can wear this ring as a chain around your neck. Few people like to wear this closer to their hearts
  4. You have to wear this ring on the right finger on your ring hand.