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What Do The IFCJ Reviews Tell Us About The Organization?

The Jews and the Christians are two such religious communities that originated from the same region, share several religious faiths, but still have a long history of mutual distrust and unfriendliness. Among those who wanted to end this hostility, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was an eminent one. The IFCJ is the brainchild of this Canadian rabbi, established with the intention of helping needy Jewish people from all over the world, especially in Israel. The basic features of the organization are described below:


Rabbi Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in 1983 in Chicago. The prime aim of the institute from the very beginning was to strengthen the relationship between the two communities. We come to know from various IFCJ reviews that the main intention of the organization was the uplift of the vulnerable Jewish people, the survivors of the Holocaust, needy Jewish immigrants, underprivileged elderly people, and so on. It is because of the Fellowship that a much stronger bond has been established between the Jews and members of the evangelical groups. Apart from the evangelists, several other Christian charitable organizations have to the help of the exploited and poor Jews.


If you search ‘is IFCJ a good charity’ on the internet, you will always get affirmative results and find the IFCJ ratings high. The organization has gained the appreciation of being one among the biggest nonprofit organizations working for Israel. The factors instrumental in maintaining a commendable IFCJ rating are:

  • Successfully raising $140 million per year as the fund
  • Served the Jewish immigrants during the great exodus of the 1990s
  • Providing food and shelter to the poor and homeless
  • Helping the survivors of the Holocaust

In addition to these, the institute got international fame for having centers in more than 25 countries all around the world.