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Why Health is important for a happy Lifestyle

No matter who you are and what goals you have, yet one thing that is more important in life is good health. Your heart is the primary in your cardiovascular system, and it is essentially crucial for just about everything that gives your body lifeline. Cardiovascular disease is the major worldwide reason of death, responsible for 17.3 million deaths every year. Over 600,000 people succumb to heart problem in the US every year–which means 1 in every 4 deaths.

Mr. Roberto Casula MD FRCS FETCS is a Consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon has operated on several thousand cardiac patients since performing his first open heart operation in 1990. In one of his interviews, he has expressed concerned over the increasing number of heart diseases.roberto casula

Why Heart Health is important during every phase of life?

Many people don’t care for physical fitness and proper diet when they are young and fit. Unfortunately, as they age, they are prone to encounter to some kind of disease. During such instances they stress the importance of having a healthy body system. In the recent ages, most older adults are suffering from some kind of cardiovascular diseases. Mr. Roberto Casula who has performed effective heart operations with minimal chest invasion for the patients feels preventing heart disease is important to maintaining your independence and quality of life.

There are ways to promote good cardiovascular health.roberto casula

Ways to improve healthy cardiovascular system

  • Performing a minimum of 2+ hours of moderate exercise every week or a rigorous exercise of 1+ hours.
  • Instead of performing a whole lot of exercise in a day, it is advisable to split your physical activity routine in a such a way that you perform 30 min every day.


Even, Mr. Roberto Casula confirms the same!